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5 July 2019
BSS Company updated “RBS BS-Client. Retail Client” v. 2.7.21

The system supports new versions of PIS RLP formats 1.16.7 and 2.1.1.

4 July 2019
BSS Company updated “RBS BS-Client. Retail Client” v. 2.7.20

The system features transfer of the PIS HCS services to IEIS 3.0.

2 July 2019
BSS entered the Top 25 ranking of the largest ICT companies according to RAEX

BSS also improved its results in the “Information Technology Services” and “Software Development” lists.

20 May 2019
BSS + Webim: a new level of omnichannel communication in the RBS

BSS integrated Webim’s solution into the RBS system for retail clients.

10 April 2019
BSS updated “FRAUD-Analysis” system

Version v. 4.7 continues to expand the system’s functionality to support 167-ФЗ (RUS).

25 March 2019
“Alesya’s” “Crystal headset”

"Alesya", BPS-Sberbank’s virtual assistant, won the prestigious award of the contact centers and customer service industry.

14 March 2019
"Orient Express Bank" and BSS introduce the RBS system for small and medium business based on Digital2Go platform throughout the RF

After a successful launch in Nizhny Novgorod, the solution is scaled to Vostochny Bank throughout Russia.

11 February 2019
BSS-2018: new platform and new horizons

BSS sums up the results of development in 2018.

7 February 2019
Bank "Vostochny" and BSS launch the RBS system for small and medium enterprise based on Digital2Go platform in pilot mode

Integrated services Kontur.Traffic Light, Kontur.Focus and Contur.Accountancy are widely demanded by small business.

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